• Big Garage Homes for Sale - car collector real estate

    Houses with BIG garages for the neighborhood they're in and homes with custom or remodeled garages of any size; Houses with RV parking should also be posted here.
  • Car Show and Racing Event Vacation Rentals

    You should target your vacation properties to vacationing car collectors & racing fans. Car events and races in your area increase demand ... advertise here. This applies to hotels and private rentals.
  • Celebrity Homes and Real Estate

    Houses or real estate owned by celebrities now or in the past.
  • Commercial Real Estate - (Auto Use OK)

    The actual commercial investment real estate that allows an automotive use (by zoning or owners), such as auto dealerships, gas stations, auto repair shops, etc. (for sale or rent)
  • Garage Space for sale or for rent

    This is for garage or parking space being rented or sold SEPARATELY from your house. This category is NOT for selling your entire house, just garage space on your residential property.
  • Motor Sports Real Estate and Clubs

    Lots for development and structures built on race tracks such as houses, condos, garages, etc. that can be purchased or rented. Race track rentals for groups and more.
  • Niche Commercial Real Estate

    Unlimited posting ad plans available to help you sell. All other types of commercial properties that are not about allowing an Automotive Use.
  • SOLD Properties on CarProperty.com

    Properties that were sold with the help of the ad they ran on CarProperty.com
  • Wants & Requests

    Do you want to rent or buy a garage for your cars, vehicles, toys or profession? If yes, request it by posting it here!
  • Big Garage Houses for Rent - car collector real estate

    Do you have a house with a BIG garage for rent? Maybe you want to rent one. This is a one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity, so post yours here.
  • Car Shows, Races and Vehicles for Sale at Auctions

    Promote your event for free as a Premium Post or for a fee as a Featured Post. Post Cars Shows, Cruise-in's, Ralleyes, Show-and-Shine's; Cars and Coffee; Motorcycle Shows and Ralleyes; Truck & Boat Shows; any event.
  • Classic, Vintage and Collector Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks

    Post yours for sale. Find classics, exotics, race cars, boats, motorcycles, rv's, trailers, and big rigs. Dealer AD Plans available for unlimited ADs per year.
  • Garage Showcase Registry

    Do you want to simply display your awesome garage on CarProperty.com? You can do it in this category if your property is not for sale or rent.
  • Jets, Airplanes, Helicopters

    Classic, New and Used Airplanes, Helicopters and Jets
  • Motor Vehicles New and Used

    Post yours for sale. New and used cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, Trailers, Big Rigs and Boats that are not collectibles.
  • Niche Residential Real Estate

    Unlimited posting ad plans available to help you sell. Other niche favorites can be advertised here. With our Agent Unlimited Premium AD Plan you can save thousands!
  • SOLD Vehicles on CarProperty.com

    Collector vehicles; plus new and used vehicles (off all types) that were sold with the help of the ad they ran on CarProperty.com includinha; Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Big Rigs, Boats, Airplanes and Parts.
  • Zen Like Goods for Sale

    In this category sell goods that appeal to car, motorcycle, truck enthusiasts or to real estate owners, renters, sellers and buyers.