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Pebble Beach House - 7 Car Garage - Ocean Views
Pebble Beach House - 7 Car Garage - Ocean Views

Garage spaces: 7.00
Pebble Beach, CA
SEMA 2013 Hot Rods
SEMA 2013 Hot Rods

Garage spaces: 0.00
Las Vegas, NV
A Car Collectors Dream Home in Florida
A Car Collectors Dream Home in Florida

Garage spaces: 10.00
Parrish, Fl
Web page
Michael Jordan's Chicago Mansion Asking Price Redu...
Michael Jordan's Chicago Mansion Asking Price Redu...

Garage spaces: 15.00
Highland Park, IL
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Tank auction of 200 military vehicles owned by private collectors estate


Massive armored vehicle auction features more than 200 military vehicles from one collection.Find out more about this unique auction and the collectors story here

Tank Auction July 11th 2014

Ex President of Ukraine wants his 70 car garage house back!!


Ukrainian protesters captured the President's 70-Car Garage and mansion, including all of the cars, motorcycles and tanks in the collection. Some of these vehicles are high priced collector vehicles .. Now he wants it back. Read full post here

Ukranian Ex-Presidents 70 car collection and garage

S Stands for Special: Audi S6 is special in looks, engine and technology

New Car Review by Jimmy Dinsmore @DriversSide

There’s special and then there’s special! That’s the case of my tester for the week – the 2014 Audi S6. Perhaps the S in S6 stands for special. Read the full review here

2014 Audi S6 new car review by Jimmy Dinsmore

Sinkhole Corvettes to be displayed before restoration


Damaged Vettes to be shown from April until June; reopened museum monitored for movement .. Read the full article here
National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Chevrolet to restore Corvettes damaged in sinkhole disaster

GM global design VP Welburn to oversee restoration process.

No one was hurt when a sinkhole opened upbeneath the Bowling Green, Ky. National Corvette Museum, but the fate of the eight Corvettes damaged in the cave-in had remained unclear. Read the full story here

Chevrolet Corvettes in Sink Hole Disaster

Crowd funding site was successful raising money to build a Bonneville Salt racer

A Successful Kickstarter site raised over $35,000 for legend Kent Fuller.

Robert "BC" Cross - Editor-at-Large,

Legendary chassis fabricator KENT FULLER is building the last car of an illustrious career - a STREAMLINER to break land speed records. Read full article here

Crowd funding site helps raise over 35K to build this streamliner race car

MidAmerica Motorcycles 23rd Annual Las Vegas Antique Motorcycle Auction & Races has partnered with Mecum

MidAmerica is now under the operational control of Mecum Auctions for the 2014 antique and classic motorcycle auction in Las Vegas. For more information click here

Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

NBC sports group and Mecum auctions sign a multi-year agreement to present coverage of Mecum classic car auctions

Robert "BC" Cross - Editor-at-Large,

This is a three year agreement to feature more than 425 hours of original programming. Coverage will be presented across NBC, NBCSN and Esquire network. Click here to read the full article

Mecum classic car auctions to be broadcast on NBC networks starting in 2014

Climbing the Summit: New looks, diesel engine, fuel economy highlight 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dec. 15, 2013
Driver's Side new car review by Jimmy Dinsmore

Enter my tester for the week – the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s still very much a Jeep in its styling. The redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts a new exterior. Classy, sporty and rugged, the looks immediately scream Jeep, but also showcase the best of today’s modern SUVs.

Read the full review now

2014 Jeep Cherokee
2013 SEMA Show confirms huge bounce back from recession days for the Automotive Specialty Equipment Industry

Robert "BC" Cross -Editor-at-Large,

The 2013 SEMA Show is history and has left no doubt that the automotive specialty equipment industry is stronger than ever.

SEMA Show Girls are a big draw as well as the incredible Cars. Click here to read full article

2013 SEMA Show Girls

The Hottest Car, Sport Compact, Truck and 4x4 SUV SEMA 2013 Vehicle Awards

The Winners are: Ford Mustang, Scion FR-S, Ford F-Series and Jeep Wrangler

Robert "BC" Cross - Editor-at-Large,

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 5, 2013) -- This year’s SEMA Award for the top trending vehicle models in four categories were announced today at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Click here to read the full article

SEMA 2013 Award Winner - Scion FRS

Cruzing into Diesel: Chevy introduces 2014 turbo diesel version of compact Cruze

Oct. 17, 2013
Driver's Side new car review by Jimmy Dinsmore

2014 is going to be known as the year of the diesel! Diesel is now chic. Who knew?

Read the full review now!
2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel New Car Review @DriversSide Jimmy Dinsmore
Mecum Tops $18.6 Million in Chicago
Harley Earl Corvette leads all Sales at $1.5 Million

Robert "BC" Cross

The windy city welcomed
Mecum Auctions with an exceptional sale.

Read the full article now to see the top 10 hot sellers
1963 Corvette one-off Harley Early vette Sold for 1.5MM at Mecum Chicago Auction October 2013
A Legend Resurrected: Dodge Charger Daytona has modern appeal, while honoring a racing heritage

Oct. 17, 2013
Driver's Side new car review by Jimmy Dinsmore

In this era of fuel economy, crossovers and hybrids, we seem to have forgotten about a big part of the American car history – muscle cars. The American muscle car is integrated into the country’s car culture.

Read the full review now.
Dodge Charger Daytona New Car Review by DriversSide Jimmy Dinsmore

Classic Cars Beat Luxury Real Estate for Return on Investment

Reprint: Forbes

The best classic cars offer a better return on investment than traditional asset classes like
luxury real estate. A recent study by global real estate advisor Knight Frank discovered that ... Read the Full Article here

Bugatti - The best of the best classic cars produce a better investment return than real estate or gold in 2013
Full-size luxury: Hyundai Azera follows blueprint for success to compete in full-size market

Sept. 25, 2013
Driver's Side new car review by Jimmy Dinsmore

I like symbolism. And nothing is more symbolic of the success and ascent of the Hyundai brand than my tester for the week – the 2013 Hyundai Azera.

Read the full review now
2013 Hyundai Azera new DriversSide review by Jimmy Dinsmore
How Many Reality TV Car Show Celebrities Can You See at SEMA 2013?

Sept. 22, 2013
Sally Wells, Writer,

There's always celebrity sightings at SEMA and you never know who you will see walking around the vast halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read the Full Article Now and see who'll be there
Guy Ferie is a car guy with a Reality TV Show (about food)
Rare L88 Engine Optioned Late 1960's Corvettes Sell for World Record Prices During the Summer of 2013

Robert "BC" Cross

Given the fact that wealthy people in America have fully recovered from the recession, it shouldn't be any surprise that collector cars are selling at record prices again. But, $3.2 Million and $726K for two Corvettes from the late 1960's? You may not have thought that was possible, but it is! Checkout this
1967 L88 Corvette Convertible that sold for a record $3.2 million and this 1969 L88 Corvette Coupe that sold for a record $726,000.
1967 Corvette L88 Convertible sold for $3.2MM in Sept. 2013

1969 Corvette L88 Coupe sold for $726,000 in August 2013
2013 SEMA Awards for the Hottest Vehicles at the SEMA Show based on Vehicles being Presented

Sept. 7, 2013
Sally Wells, Writer,

The SEMA Award represents the collective voice of the industry. By counting the vehicles displayed in exhibitor booths, SEMA can see which vehicle models SEMA exhibitors believe will resonate with the enthusiast community. Read the Full Article Now
Peace and quiet: Lexus LS460 is a fortress of solitude and luxury

Sept. 5, 2013
Driver's Side new car review by Jimmy Dinsmore

Lexus is generally a brand that plays it safe. Their styling is generally conservative, and at times too generic. But not the case with the new look LS460. In fact, certain aspects of this sedan are downright bold. Click here to read the full review.
2014 Lexus LS460L New Car Review by Jimmy Dinsmore
A Numbers Game: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
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