Description eng Wed, 5 Aug 2015 00:50:05 EST Big Garage Car Collector Houses for rent : For Rent: Private Ranch with 360 degree views Two private gate entrances to this sprawling 4 acre ranch. Main residence is separated from the horse barn, corrals and workshop. Main house is a single level ranch with a great room and large stone fireplace as a focal point to all your gatherings. Outside is a rock pool with slide, fireplace and built in bbq, fridge and warming drawers. This property is completely private! Tue, 4 Aug 2015 16:40:21 EST Classic Cars for sale at Auction : 1967 Toyota 2000GT - 1 of 62 Cars Built for the U.S. Market ESTIMATE: $1,250,000 - $1,500,000 1967 Toyota 2000GT Engine: 2.0/150 HP Trans: 5-Speed Color: Red Interior: Black VIN/Serial: MF1010100 Japanese products were gaining respect in the late ‘60s, but few in the United States thought of their auto industry as world class. In 1965, Toyota changed that with one car, a $6,000-plus GT. At that price, however, they only sold 62 in the United States between 1967 and 1970, of which this is one of three from the collection of Sebring and Watkins Glen veteran Otto Linton. The car’s superb provenance includes several decades as part of the Jacobson Collection and in succeeding years, it has been owned by only two other discerning collectors. Always treated with the deepest respect by its owners, it has been sympathetically restored by America’s foremost Toyota 2000GT specialists, Robert Tkacik and Peter Starr at Maine Line Exotics. A very well-preserved and authentic specimen prior to the restoration, Mr. Tkacik considers this car a top-shelf example of what many enthusiasts consider the greatest Japanese car of all time. Toyota had an idea: with pure determination, the company could catapult itself forward several generations. There would be no evolution, Toyota would just take itself from Point A to Point E and skip everything between. To do so would require not just iron will but also an unprecedented financial and engineering commitment. By the late 1950s, Japan had started building sports cars: Datsun’s Sports 1500 roadster appeared in 1959 and came to America in 1963; and Honda’s first production automobile was the microscopic S500. Toyota was justifiably proud of its own little sports coupe, the 45 horsepower, twin-cylinder Sports 800, and it did well in domestic racing, but you’d be hard pressed to call it competition for anything outside of an Austin-Healey Sprite. Much as in England, Japan’s Post-War austerity encouraged small, thrifty cars and few sporty cars had engines over one liter. But after major domestic racing successes in the early ‘60s, Toyota began work on an automobile designed to compete with the new crop of premium European GTs, specifically the Jaguar E-type, as well as the Porsche 901 (soon called 911), Alfa Romeo 2600 and others. Project 280A was spearheaded by Toyota’s racing manager Jiro Kawano and his small team of around a half-dozen people, one of whom was stylist Satoru Nozaki. At the same time, Yamaha was attempting to expand its horizons as a sort of low-volume specialist subcontractor and had a four-cylinder sports car project called A550X ongoing with Nissan. Nissan had worked with Yamaha before but in this instance, altered its course and cancelled the A550X. As Yamaha had substantial money and commitment invested in the A550X, the company shopped it to Nissan’s arch-rival: Toyota. Since Yamaha would be assembling the limited-production sports cars, Toyota must surely have been pleased to avoid hand-building the engines and bodies. After that, a 2000GT prototype was swiftly completed for the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show in Harumi, where it stunned the world. Being coach built, there is more Yamaha in a 2000GT than Toyota. The iron block of the DOHC inline-6 came from Toyota’s SOHC MS41 sedan engine, but Yamaha produced the alloy Hemi head and forged pistons and hand built each one with triple 40phh two-barrel side-draught carburetors. In street tune it produced 150 HP and 130-lbs-ft of torque; for racing, it was capable of 200 HP or more. Satoru Nozaki’s body was turned directly from his scale clay model into body bucks, and as no one in Japan had a production line capable of producing the 2000GT’s complex, compound curves, the semi-monocoque steel body was hand built, with all detachable panels and trim being numbered specific to each car. The impossibly low ride height of 3 feet 9 inches is made possible by a central beam, spine-frame with Ys at each end. This also created a front-mid engine position and gave the car its famously perfect balance. Running gear and drivetrain components were beyond state-of-the-art. The only transmission able to handle the torque was an FA 4-speed from a Toyota truck, but by the time it became the GT’s fully synchronized 5-speed, it was a perfect match for the 7,000 RPM engine. The rear end was Japan’s first limited slip, with a standard 4.38:1 ratio and three optional choices. The 2000GT was Toyota’s first car to feature four-wheel disc brakes, which are Dunlop in this case; and the company’s first car with all-independent suspension, which employs double wishbones at all four corners. The 2000GT lived up to its Grand Turismo name. Owing to the world renowned artisans that Yamaha utilized on the project, having been building concert-quality pianos, guitars and other instruments for a century, the same craftsmen constructed the 2000GT rosewood dash and console and Mahogany steering wheel and shifter. All instruments were chrome trimmed and watch-like in design and the deep Black perforated Tex-Mex style sport seats were the equal of any Italian exotic. It was truly the complete package. It set numerous records in Japan and won the 1967 Fuji 24 Hours outright; while Carroll Shelby campaigned three in America and saw 1-2 finishes three times. On the street it famously starred topless in the Bond film, You Only Live Twice, and came into the hands of several celebrity owners. As a driver's car, Road and Track, Motor Trend, Car Life and others called it, essentially, “perfect.” MF10-10100 Long articles have been written about Otto Linton’s career, but his racing life took off at the first post-war race at Sebring in 1948. Over the next 16 years he ran at Sebring 11 times, as well as at Watkin’s Glen almost every year, in everything from his well-known Osca to a Stutz. He drove equally interesting cars, once dropping a rod in his Duesenberg at 100 MPH while street racing on the Philadelphia Turnpike (he pulled the rod and piston roadside and went home on seven cylinders). After his successful racing career, Mr. Linton founded Speedcraft Enterprises in Devon, Pennsylvania, specializing in both sports cars and racing preparation. A relationship with the great importer Max Hoffman gave him access to a wide range of imports from MGs to Mercedes-Benz 300SLs. In 1966, he acquired a Toyota dealership and given his racing history, was immediately attracted to the Toyota 2000GT. He owned three 2000GTs, and of the three, serial number MF10-10100 was stated by him to be his favorite. Otto Linton is still active and was recently inducted as a “Legend of the Glen” at Watkins Glen and celebrated his 98th birthday at the Simeone Museum in May 2015. After Mr. Linton’s stewardship, the car was passed to three succeeding collectors: the Jacobson Collection at Richard Toyota in Scranton, Pennsylvania; the collection of Sara and Brown Maloney in Washington State (who successfully drove the car in the 2010 Copper State 1000); and currently the consignor’s private collection. It was brought to marque experts Robert Tkacik and Peter Starr at Maine Line Exotics, who have owned or restored more than 50 U.S.-market 2000GTs since 1976. Mr. Tkacik’s inspection confirmed the originality of the car finding no evidence of any alteration or accident repair. Its original character and details were carefully preserved during the sympathetic restoration performed in 2007; when the car was stripped to bare-metal and refinished in its original factory-correct color of Solar Red. Today, this car presents in splendid condition, with a grade of authenticity and correctness that is supported by the foremost Toyota 2000GT authorities. The world’s appreciation of the 2000GT was soon apparent. A total of 62 were sold in the United States out of 351 worldwide, and values tripled within 10 years. The 2000GT is now the equal of a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing or the BMW 507 as one of the most collectible post-war sports cars and arguably the most desirable Japanese car ever made. Some cars inspire us because their aesthetic beauty; others because of their performance and character; and the truly great cars do both. But unlike Italy or America, Japan didn’t have a cultural heritage of high-performance cars. The Toyota 2000GT is without compare, having no rivals in its day in Japan. It didn’t remotely resemble anything else that Toyota had ever conceived. It was created in a world where there was no competition and is all the more impressive for that. Today, it stands as one of the high points that define the 20th century automobile. HIGHLIGHTS - Very rare factory left hand drive example - 1 of 62 U.S. Market cars built - 1 of 351 Toyota 2000GTs built from 1967-1970 - According to Toyota 2000GT authority Robert Tkacik, this car is a top-shelf example of the breed - Sympathetic restoration by Robert Tkacik of Maine Line Exotics - Tkacik's pre-restoration inspection revealed a no-hit, no-rust car that was highly original - The cosmetic restoration involved stripping and repainting the car's exterior - Four owners since new - Sold new to Otto Linton of Speedcraft Enterprises in Devon, PA - Formerly part of the Richard Toyota Collection in Scranton, PA for many years - Formerly part of the Brown Maloney Collection in Olympia, WA - Offered from a private collection - 2000cc Yamaha aluminum DOHC hemi-head inline six cylinder engine - Triple side draft carburetors - 5-speed transmission with overdrive - 4-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes - Considered by many as The Greatest Japanese Car of all time - Developed and hand built by Yamaha for Toyota Mon, 3 Aug 2015 16:51:20 EST Classic Cars for sale at Auction : 1986 Ferrari Testarossa that is the One-of-a-Kind Miami Vice TV Show Hero Car At the dawn of the television age the cowboy western ruled the screen. Heroes wore white, carried guns and rode their brave and faithful steeds into battle against the Black-clad forces of evil. Then came the police-detective drama, in which the hero traded his horse for the latest automobile, almost always one that outperformed the rest. This archetypal pairing reached its zenith in 1984 in the style-setting Miami Vice, which followed the exploits of Miami Dade undercover detectives Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) in their ongoing fight against the Miami underworld. For the first two seasons and the first episode of the third, Sonny’s trusty mount was a Black Ferrari Daytona Spyder, in reality a Corvette-based replica that soon became the target of a lawsuit brought by Ferrari against series producer Universal Studios. Legend has it that to settle the dispute, Universal agreed to accept two Black Testarossa Berlinettas for filming on the condition that the Black Daytona disappear from the world, on screen, in a prodigious detonation by Hellfire missile. Its replacement appeared soon afterward (repainted White at the behest of director Michael Mann for better visibility in night scenes), and it immediately elevated the Ferrari Testarossa to the same cult status enjoyed by other regular series props, from Ray Ban sunglasses to Armani jackets, Scarab speedboats and a virtual armory of firearms. Serial number 63631, this 1986 Ferrari Testarossa is possibly the most famous Ferrari in the popular culture as the Miami Vice Hero Car. Originally finished in Metallic Black, this early mono specchio or single-mirror model Testarossa was delivered new with the 4.9L/390 HP flat-12 engine, 5-speed gearbox, Beige leather interior, power windows, locks and seats, cruise control and air conditioning. After the series ended in 1989 the car was retired and placed in storage from 1990 to 2015. Now showing 16,124 miles and authenticated by Ferrari North America and Ferrari Classiche, it is also documented with service records from Shelton Ferrari in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where it recently received an engine-out service at a cost of $8,000. Crockett and Tubbs may have ridden off into the sunset, but the Miami Vice Testarossa remains an enduring icon of one of the most influential television series of all time. HIGHLIGHTS - Possibly the most famous Ferrari known to exist - Hero Car from Miami Vice - 16,124 actual miles - Stored from 1990-2015 - V-12 engine - 5-speed transmission - Cruise control and air conditioning - Power windows, locks and seats - Rare single flying mirror - Certified by Ferrari North America and Ferrari Classiche - Recent engine out service at a cost of $8,000 - Service records from Shelton Ferrari Mon, 3 Aug 2015 15:50:18 EST Classic Cars for sale at Auction : Steve McQueen's Last Special Order Porsche - 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera For Sale at the 2015 Mecum Monterey Daytime Auction in Monterey, California on Saturday, August 15, 2015 Lot S71 Engine: 3.0L TURBO Trans: 4-Speed Color: Slate Gray Interior: Black VIN/Serial: 9306800408 When a car’s history is steeped in so much of what makes the hearts of enthusiasts race with excitement, when every single aspect of a car and its background come together in a perfectly packaged representation of an icon, a role model, and hero to many, that car is no longer ‘just’ a great car. It comes to embody the life and legacy of the people behind it, the people who have loved it and given it its place in the spotlight. Steve McQueen's Last Special Order Porsche Steve McQueen’s 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera does just that and will continue to do so with its upcoming sale set to benefit McQueen’s alma mater, the Boys Republic. “This car is rich in history,” says McQueen’s son Chad. “This is the last of the McQueen cars, really. That’s known. That’s real.” McQueen’s untimely death in 1980 at age 50 made this 1976 Porsche 930, chassis 9306800408, the very last of his special-order cars. McQueen’s insatiable need for speed and his affinity for fine automobiles meant always having the best sets of wheels. His Porsche 930 is no exception. Capable of producing 234 HP at 5,500 RPM, the matching-numbers four-speed car came equipped with the rare early production non-intercooled 3.0 liter engine, no. 6860413, with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and was special ordered from Bob Smith Porsche in Hollywood. McQueen specified that the car be delivered with sunroof, dual mirrors, limited-slip differential and black sport seats, and the original paint tag showing McQueen’s special-order paint code 615-9-2 (Slate Gray) is still riveted to the door jamb. But as fine as the car was when delivered, McQueen had even more in mind for it. “My dad had little things done to it,” Chad says. “Like on the dashboard, he had a switch put on so it would kill the rear lights in case he was being chased on Mulholland Drive.” McQueen also switched out the wheels after taking possession, notes the Porsche’s current owner, car collector and restorer Mike Regalia. “Later he put the 8s and 9s on it. It came with 7s and 8s, which were the standard wheels he ordered. Then he put 8s and 9s on it; but you know, all of those are personal touches that Steve had done—and he didn’t do many to it—Porsche 930 Turbo Carreras were pretty out-of-the-box balls-out cars.” McQueen wasn’t the only one who took full advantage of all the power and speed the car was capable of. Chad still remembers when his dad first took delivery of the car, nearly four decades ago, and tells the story of his own joy rides behind the wheel of the 930. “When the Porsche RSR Turbo came out in 1974, I was so enamored with it, I just couldn’t wait to drive the road car. My dad got this 930 Turbo in 1976, and I didn’t have to wait any longer,” he says. “I was 15 at the time, and he was out of town for a week. Every day, sometimes twice in the same day, I’d open the garage, turn the key, give the car a stealthy roll down to the cul-de-sac, fire it up and take off. “But, Julia, the woman who was there to look after me—my friends called her ‘The Chad Wrangler’—caught wind of what I was doing. True to form, she told my dad.” Chad continues, “My dad called me, to let me know he’d be gone for two more days. So the next morning, same routine, I fire up the car and head out. As I’m accelerating down the two-lane beach road I see a yellow taxi-cab closing in from the opposite direction. Inside that cab, I see two of the biggest blue eyes in the world. My dad was on his way home. I didn’t know whether to go to Mexico or what. I also discovered what happens when you lift off in a corner with a Turbo; it was like, ‘Holy S$&@&!’" A car as fine as the Turbo demanded top dollar, and this one’s ownership history speaks to that with other successful Hollywood names on the list. After a few years spent enjoying it, McQueen sold the car back to Bob Smith Porsche, and it was then sold to movie producer and writer Floyd Mutrux. Following Mutrux’s period of ownership, singer Dean Martin’s son—actor Dean Paul Martin—took possession of the car and owned it until his tragic death when his National Guard jet fighter crashed in 1987. The Porsche passed through a short list of other owners over the next two decades (always remaining in the Southern California area) including Bill Susdorf, who had the car mechanically and cosmetically refreshed in the early ‘90s, ensuring that all of the work done was documented and all service records were retained. Since Regalia took possession of the car in 2008, he has done nothing more than what was necessary to keep the car in good operating condition. Even as an expert in restoration work, Regalia opted to keep the car in as true-to-original condition as possible, recognizing immediately that it occupied a truly unique place in history. Ordered at the pinnacle of McQueen’s success, the car serves as a reminder and representation of all that Steve McQueen struggled through to reach the heights that he did. It is well-known that McQueen’s childhood was extremely turbulent—tragic, even—and there is one place in particular that McQueen credits with bringing him back from the brink of self-destruction: The Boys Republic, a reform school for troubled youth. “He always made sure he took care of this place,” says Chad about Boys Republic. “It was a big part of his life, and he told me one day, he said, ‘Son, this is the one place that turned my life around.’” As a 1946 alumnus of the school, McQueen had been enrolled after narrowly escaping jail time for various crimes including fighting and stealing. Having grown up with little in the way of parental support, McQueen was the very definition of a troubled youth. His father abandoned him and his relationship with his mother was touch-and-go at best and rife with turmoil. His time at Boys Republic showed him that there were, in fact, people in this world who wanted the best for him and were willing to go out of their way to ensure that he succeeded. “It meant a lot to my dad the way that it transformed him,” says Chad. “I mean, he could have easily been in jail for the rest of his life. He called it the hoosegow. ‘I could have easily ended up in the hoosegow if it wasn’t for this place,’ he’d say.” McQueen’s rise to success in the years following his time at the school were not coincidental, and he did more than merely speak the school’s praise. McQueen took it upon himself to support both the school and the students that attend it, and he continued to do so up until the time of his death. Since his passing, McQueen’s family and friends, and even some of his fans, have continued to support the school in his memory and out of their own beliefs about the amazing work the school is doing in its mission to help troubled youth. Steve McQueen felt that, at least in part, he owed his success to the Boys Republic. As a piece of automotive history that truly embodies that success, it is only fitting that his 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera will follow McQueen’s lead and carry on his philanthropic endeavors. In homage of a great man and in support of the school that helped him become just that, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Turbo will be donated to the Boys Republic. “I think what we’re going to create here [with the offering of this car] is really the life story of Steve McQueen; the life story of what the Boys Republic meant to Steve McQueen,” says Regalia. “I think the future owner of this car is getting all of that, in addition to getting a truly great collector car.” Offered with a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, extensive service records, the original owner’s manual, original tools and original sales brochures, this 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo—the last of the McQueen cars—will serve as an excellent centerpiece in the collection of its next caretaker. And not only will the new owner be obtaining a stunning piece of automotive and movie icon history, they will also be giving back to a school that’s changed the lives of countless troubled youth, including the King of Cool’s. HIGHLIGHTS - Steve McQueen's very last special order Porsche - Special Order color, Slate Gray - Rare early production non-intercooled 3.0 liter engine - Sunroof - Dual mirrors - Limited-slip differential - Black interior - Sport seats - 8" front and 9" rear wheels added later by McQueen - Dashboard switch added by McQueen to kill the rear lights in case he was being chased on Mulholland Drive - A portion of the proceeds will be donated to benefit The Boys Republic, a non-profit treatment community for troubled youngsters in Chino Hills, California - Steve McQueen was a 1946 alumnus of The Boys Republic and attributes BR with being the one place that turned his life around - For more information about The Boys Republic, visit Mon, 3 Aug 2015 14:42:02 EST Beach House Property : President Obama's Vacation Home on Martha's Vineyard is on the Market As a tourist, President Obama has been a homebody trailing almost every president since John F. Kennedy in vacation days taken. Like most presidents, Obama has his favorite vacation spots. Like President Clinton and many Washington D.C. executives, President Obama and family head to Martha's Vineyard in August when high temperatures in the Capitol frequently soar past the 90s and humidity rolls in like a summer sledge hammer. One of the prettiest vacation spots for the Obama family is a private compound on Martha’s Vineyard, Chilmark Pond, with views over the pond and crashing waves on the beach, just a short row boat ride away. Chilmark is where Steven Spielberg filmed “Jaws” in 1975 and home to Obama friends Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen. This is where the family spent eight days in August of 2013 and it is now for sale at $22.5 million. It is the most expensive listing on the island. Originally built in 1961 on ten acres, the house had a complete redesign in 2006 as a light-filled contemporary residence similar to the Obama winter vacation homes in Hawaii. A special perk for the president is the half basketball court and home gym. There is a heated infinity pool and a private boat dock on the pond as well as three beachfront lots for enjoying sand and sea. Majestically perched 120 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, the magnificent Chilmark House is an award-winning triumph of design and execution. Designed by Seattle architect Rick Sundberg, Falmouth landscape architect Steve Stimson and built by master builder Andrew Flake, the house flows continuously between interior and exterior spaces. A comfortable yet luxurious seaside retreat that celebrates panoramic ocean views of the South Shore and Chilmark Pond. This home features gracious skylights, huge windows and wonderful detail in both design and materials. Oak and radiant-heated limestone floors, marble baths, precast concrete fireplace mantles and top quality appliances support a relaxed yet sophisticated experience for residents and guests. Views from the grand entrance encompass the ocean and infinity pool. The foyer leads past an exquisitely appointed dining room to the great room with soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and an oversized wood burning fireplace. The impeccable attention to detail is highlighted in the chef's kitchen with sitting area, fireplace and custom casework. Heated infinity pool, half-basketball court, large screened porch and outdoor terraces provide a breezy and beautiful venue for all. This secluded residence and 2 bedroom guest cottage sit on 9.5 acres of wooded hillside and includes three private Atlantic Ocean beach lots accessed by boat across Chilmark Pond from your private dock. An exquisite Vineyard home! Sun, 2 Aug 2015 16:41:21 EST Car Shows, Events and Vehicles for Sale at Auctions : The Wealthy duPont Family Prep their Fine Automobiles for the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Upholding a Shared Legacy and Memories are Sparked as duPont Family Members Prepare their Fine Automobiles for Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Richard "Dicky" Riegel III, a member of the duPont family, has a strong first memory of the only duPont Model H in existence. As he and friends emerged from their first grade classroom, his grinning father awaited him in the one-of-a-kind car. "Dad's enthusiasm and love for cars was infectious," says Dicky. "Dad wasn't always a man of many words, but you wanted to be with him because you could sense how much he appreciated the vehicles he was around -- which immediately sank in to me. My early love of cars was inevitable, unavoidable." Dicky's father, the late Richard "Jerry" Riegel Jr., bought the 1931 duPont Model H Sport Phaeton in 1962, and after driving it for decades he restored it for the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 2005. There, it was First in Class and received the award for Most Elegant Open Car -- an award often just a step away from Best of Show. "This was one of the defining moments in my father's life -- and my mother, my sister, my wife, my son and daughter, and I were all there to share that super moment with him," says Dicky. "I can say with a high level of certainty, the Phaeton will always be a member of our family." This year Dicky returns to Pebble Beach with the same Model H, now co-owned with his son Richard. Six other duPont family members will also be bringing their elegant automobiles to the forthcoming Concours on August 16, where duPont is a featured marque. Only 537 automobiles were created by E. Paul duPont in a short twelve-year span from 1919 to 1931. About 30 remain in existence, and more than half belong to duPont descendants. Whether inheriting a legendary automobile or landing one at an auction, taking ownership of a duPont car has become a rite of passage in many of their lives. The duPonts now strive to keep the marque alive. The duPont family transformed the early automotive world in many ways. They held leadership roles that helped define the multi-tiered nature of General Motors, they saved Indian motorcycles from an early demise, and their fast-drying paints and modern fabrics decorated classic cars from a multitude of marques. Their automotive legacy continues on in the world and in the lives of many duPonts today. Tue, 28 Jul 2015 15:40:04 EST Car Shows, Events and Vehicles for Sale at Auctions : Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to be Broadcast Live for the First Time Ever A one-hour special featuring highlights from the Pebble Beach Concours will air on CBS Sports Network at 8:00 p.m. EST on August 26, as part of a multi-year agreement between TEN and CBS Sports Network announced earlier this year. But Wait .. the title of this post said it will be broadcast live, right? TEN will present a live broadcast of the Concours Awards Ramp Show on Sunday, August 16, airing from 1:00 p.m. PST to 5:00 p.m. PST on its new premier video destination for motorsports, Motor Trend OnDemand, and on its award-winning Motor Trend YouTube channel. "We are excited to be working with TEN to bring the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance into the homes of enthusiasts around the world," said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. "The cars on our show field deserve to be seen and celebrated by the widest possible audience." Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance announced recently that TEN: The Enthusiast Network will act as its Official Media Partner in broadcasting the awards ceremony for the 65th annual celebration of the event on August 16. The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance® is widely considered the most competitive event in the collector car world, featuring the most beautiful and rare cars from all over the world showcased on the famed 18th fairway of the Pebble Beach Golf Links®. "The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance® brings together automotive enthusiasts in a stunning celebration of automotive style and technology," said TEN CEO Scott Dickey. "We are extremely pleased to be bringing the world's premier automotive event to the world's largest automotive distribution network." Tue, 28 Jul 2015 15:01:27 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : Pink and Corey Hart Selling their 5 Car Garage Malibu Beach House -- 6902 Wildlife Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 Your sanctuary awaits you at this gated Point Dume estate, complete with private beach access and coveted keys to Little Dume Beach. This one-of-a-kind property is situated with ocean-views in the cul-de-sac of one of Malibu's most desirable neighborhoods. Take in gentle breezes from the terraced backyard, relax by the oversized pool and spa, or curl up on the expansive stone veranda. With 5 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, an enormous master closet, guest apartment with full kitchen, 5-car garage, and a cabana, you'll find peace and luxury in every corner. Natural light abounds in the open-plan living space lined with folding glass doors and high ceilings, which seamlessly connects to the Chef's Kitchen complete with Viking appliances, two islands, two ovens, two dishwashers, and a fireplace. Lose yourself in serenity and seize this rare opportunity to make this Point Dume oasis yours. The Scuttlebutt: Three-time Grammy-winning singer Pink and her husband, retired motorcycle racer Carey Hart, have listed their Malibu retreat for sale at $13.995 million.. Set on 1.2 acres in a gated community with private beach access, the home has ocean views and breezes. Folding glass doors and high ceilings add drama and bring natural light into the open-plan interiors. Family and dining rooms, a bar, a den, an office and a guest apartment with separate kitchen are within the 6,800 square feet of space. The kitchen features two islands, two ovens, two dishwashers and a fireplace. There are six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The terraced backyard contains a stone veranda and an over-sized swimming pool with a spa. The garage has room for five cars. Pink’s latest album is "The Truth About Love" (2012) and last year’s “rose ave.” Among the 35-year-old's hits are "Get the Party Started," "Trouble" and "Missundaztood." The couple bought the property five years ago for $11.85 million. Film star Matthew McConaughey, who touts Lincolns in a series of commercials, owns the house next door. Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:50:59 EST Celebrity Homes : Funnyman, Singer, Host: Wayne Brady is Trying to Make A Deal on his Ocean View Condo The host of TV's long running syndicated morning game show; "Let's Make A Deal" is selling his fantastic Los Angeles area beach view condo and you can buy it! Live at the ultra hip address at the Rockwell. This spectacular two story townhouse style condominium boasts: - reclaimed white oak floors, - signature exposed concrete walls, - custom chef's kitchens with Thermador appliances, - Waterworks fixtures in every bath. In addition, there is: - custom cabinetry, - marble counter tops, - Ann Sacks tile and natural stone throughout. - French doors open to terraces with ocean views, - handcrafted Moroccan cement tiles, - a built- in BBQ. The home automation system has built-in audio and lighting control along with Nest thermostat and private security system. The semi-private resident elevator leads to secure underground parking and individual storage units. Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:15:19 EST Celebrity Homes : Former Marlon Brando Hollywood Hills House For Sale About This Listing: This meticulously maintained Paul Williams masterpiece estate has great architectural integrity and amazing traditional details. The property was Marlon Brando’s primary residence for many years. Later, the property became a Yoga Center known as the LA Yoga IYI. Members of the center included Stacy Keach, Tina Louise, Carole King, and James Taylor. The property was also home to several other celebrities including David Carradine and Barbara Hershey as well as Frank Zappa. Gated and private, this estate sits on over 2/3 of an acre. The main level includes the master suite and three additional bedrooms, dining room, living room, sunroom, deck and an updated chefs kitchen with Viking appliances. The lower level includes two guest suites and large family room, which opens to a park like backyard. The outdoor area includes a private pool with two large grassy areas on either side, BBQ area, bamboo forest and sports court. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The scuttlebutt: A Hollywood Hills house that was once Oscar-winning actor Marlon Brando’s primary residence is for sale at $3.495 million.. The meticulously maintained Paul Williams-designed home retains its architectural integrity and the traditional details for which the one-time architect-to-the-stars was known. The house, built in 1939, became the site of many Hollywood parties after Brando took up residency in the 1950s. The history of the property includes a stint as a yoga center whose members included actor Stacy Keach, actress Tina Louise and singers Carole King and James Taylor. Over the years, the more than 4,000-square-foot house has also been home to such celebrities as “Kung Fu” series actor David Carradine and rock star guitarist Frank Zappa. Gated and private, the estate encompasses more than two-thirds of an acre. The main level includes living and dining rooms, the master suite and three additional bedrooms, a sun room and an updated kitchen with a high ceiling and a skylight. A bookshelf in the study swings open to reveal a hidden room, a feature Williams often included in his Prohibition-era designs. A lower level has two guest suites and a family room that opens to a park-like backyard with a barbecue area, a bamboo forest and a sports court. Lawns flank the swimming pool. Brando, who died in 2004 at 80, won Academy Awards for “The Godfather” (1972) and “On the Waterfront” (1954). He is remembered for such films as “Apocalypse Now” (1979), “Last Tango in Paris” (1972) and “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951), which he also starred in on Broadway. His empathetic and realistic performances of working-class characters were credited with transforming the art of acting. The property last sold in 2006 for $2.15 million. Courtesy of: Joe Babajian of Rodeo Realty Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:29:39 EST Celebrity Homes : Joan River's New York City Penthouse Sold Faster after She Died The word is out. The New York City penthouse of the late comedian and talk show host Joan Rivers has sold for 4 million less than it's asking price of $28MM. Unfortunately, this place that had been on and off the market since at least 2009 didn't sell until after Joan has passed away. Did this create a higher level of interest in her place? It could be because it is a known fact that things produced by or belonging to celebrities gain value after they die. -------------------------------------------------------------- The Upper East Side residence, near Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, encompasses the top three floors of a 1903 mansion converted to condos in the 1930s. Many of the original Gilded Age architectural details were restored during Rivers' ownership. The resulting palace-like interiors are opulent and can accommodate grand-scale entertaining. A ballroom and music room with Louis XIV-inspired decor, for example, feature 23-foot ceilings, crystal chandeliers, antique paneling and columns, tall windows and two fireplaces. The penthouse also has more intimate spaces among its 11 rooms, such as a wood-paneled library with a fireplace and curved windows that look out on one of the penthouse's two terraces. French doors off the dining room open to the other terrace. A second-floor mezzanine overlooks the ballroom and music room. The master bedroom suite and separate two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest quarters with a living room and kitchen are within the 5,100 square feet of living space. Views take in Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. Rivers, who died last year at 81, gained notice in the 1960s as a guest on "The Tonight Show." Two decades later she went on to host "The Late Show With Joan Rivers" and "The Joan Rivers Show." She co-hosted "Fashion Police" from 2010 to 2014. Leighton Candler of Corcoran Group was the listing agent. Sun, 19 Jul 2015 21:32:21 EST Celebrity Homes : Steven Spielberg's Latest Blockbuster is a $21-million Malibu Broad Beach Home Sale Sold for $21,000,000 on June 5, 2015 in an off MLS deal .. Rare Realty can do the same thing for you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stunning Craftsman on double lot furnished with the ultimate taste and style. The property offers a private pool, movie theater, 4 bedrooms down, 3 bedrooms up plus sitting room and a generous Master Suite with a library and massage room overlooking the ocean. Two bedroom guest house and an additional bonus space, great for a gym/studio. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg has sold his oceanfront compound in Malibu for $21 million in an off-market deal that played out outside of the Multiple Listing Service. Fronting 144 feet on Broad Beach, the property occupies more than an acre in the celebrity-centric area. The Craftsman-inspired main house, built in 1992, spans two stories with formal living and dining rooms, seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in 7,237 square feet of living space. A massage room and a home theater are among the amenities. Outdoors, a courtyard with a swimming pool and spa sits adjacent to the main house, while meandering paths lead down to the breakwater. Elsewhere on the grounds is a guesthouse with two additional bedrooms. Spielberg, 68, acquired the two-parcel property in separate transactions in 1989 and 2000 totaling about $6.575 million. In recent years, the home was floated as a summer lease for $125,000 a month. The legendary director-producer-screenwriter is known for such iconic films as "Jaws," "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and "Jurassic Park." He has twice won an Academy Award for best director — for "Schindler's List" (1993) and "Saving Private Ryan" (1998). Among Spielberg's upcoming projects is "Bridge of Spies," due out later this year. Sun, 19 Jul 2015 21:05:24 EST Celebrity Homes : Mike Meyers Soho Condo for sale - 72 Mercer Street, Unit PHW, New York, NY 10012 Comedian Mike Myers is selling his duplex in New York’s Soho neighborhood, according to listing agent Leonard Steinberg of Compass. Located in a Mercer street condo building, the roughly 4,200-square-foot, three-bedroom penthouse is on the six and seventh floors, connected by a stairway topped by a large skylight. Mr. Steinberg said the actor chose the home because of its 14-foot-high ceilings and because the building is one floor higher than most of the surrounding structures, so the penthouse has open views. Mr. Myers added built-in bookshelves accessed by a ladder and a custom sound system. On the roof, a private landscaped terrace has a shaded dining area, and is illuminated and irrigated, with trees and climbing roses. The penthouse is on the sixth and seventh floors of a Mercer street condo building. “Austin Powers” fans may be disappointed—Mr. Steinberg said the apartment has few traces of Mr. Myers’s various comedic personas. “You would think it would be an Austin Powers shagadelic pad,” he said, “but it’s a very elegant, tasteful home.” According to public documents, Mr. Myers closed on the unit in 2007, paying about $7.9 million. Mr. Steinberg, who represented Mr. Myers in purchasing the unit, said the actor bought it preconstruction from the developer and is selling because it “was just time for a change—he has been there almost 10 years.” Mr. Myers wasn’t available for comment. Mr. Myers, who wrote and starred in the “Austin Powers” and “Wayne’s World” movies, recently signed a two-year television deal with HBO. Sat, 18 Jul 2015 16:59:41 EST Celebrity Homes : LeBron James Miami MVP Mansion - 3590 Crystal View Court, Miami, FL 33133 LeBron's Florida MVP Mansion! Overlooking the open bay, the King's palace is the most opulent estate in Miami. The contemporary compound features chef's kitchen, sommelier's wine cellar, office, custom theater, generator, guest home & private master rooftop sun deck. Glass doors open to covered terraces throughout. Luxurious outdoor living; summer kitchen, 4500 sf entertainment space, infinity edge pool & concrete dock for two 60' yachts. Walled, gated private estate with state-of-the-art security system, security quarters & more. In 2010, when LeBron “King” James announced that he would be leaving his home-town Cleveland Cavaliers and signing with the Miami Heat, all hell broke loose up Cleveland way. Cleveland fans and owner alike were furious and felt they were betrayed. They burned their LeBron jerseys and ripped down the famous Nike “Witness” mural in the city’s downtown. Owner Dan Gilbert wrote an open letter on the Cavs website that James’ decision was a “cowardly betrayal” and said the Cavs would win a championship before the Heat which, of course, never came to pass. James went on to take the Miami Heat to the finals four times while the Cavs struggled to regain their bearings. For many basketball fans, it was the feel-good sports story of the year when LeBron had a change of heart and went back to the Cavs in 2014. Now with the NBA playoffs underway, LeBron is a leading candidate for his fifth most valuable player award and trying to bring the first world championship to Cleveland since the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship in 1964. While in Miami, “King James” lived large on the basketball court and at home with one of South Florida’s prettiest Caribbean-style white mansions. Unlike many Miami sports stars and celebrities, LeBron didn’t opt for the standard Miami Beach condo penthouse. Instead he picked the sophisticated but artsy Coconut Grove on Biscayne Bay. Not only is his stunning home on the water, but with just a stroll up the private gated drive through his own personal jungle, he had instant access to charming sidewalk cafes, great restaurants, world class shopping, galleries, the Coconut Grove Playhouse and loads of ambiance with gas street lights, brick sidewalks and shade trees. He had instant access to the world renowned Coconut Grove Art Festival without having to park a mile away and could reach out and touch participants in the annual Mango Strut and Bed Race from the end of his driveway. With his move back home to Cleveland and a two-year $42 million contract with the Cavaliers, LeBron put his Florida home on the market last year at $17 million. With 12,178 square feet of living space, including some in a detached guesthouse, there are six bedrooms and nine baths. It has a huge kitchen, wine cellar, office, theater, elevator, generator, large private roof-top sun deck accessed through the master suite and, of course, tall ceilings. Outside is an infinity pool, outdoor kitchen and boat dock that can accommodate two mega yachts. The estate is walled and gated with a state-of-the-art security system and security quarters. LeBron recently reduced his asking price to $15 million. This spring, LeBron James is hoping to sell his tropical Biscayne Bay retreat in Coconut Grove and lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to its first NBA Championship. ------------------------------------------------ Listing Courtesy of: Tomi Rose, Opulence International Realty LLC Sat, 18 Jul 2015 16:32:20 EST Celebrity Homes : Jon Bon Jovi - Sold His Penthouse: 158 Mercer Street, Unit PHM, SoHo, Manhattan, NY, 10012 This celebrity property sold in early 2015 for $34,000,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supermodel Heidi Klum was spotted checking out Jon Bon Jovi's $37.5 million Manhattan penthouse, which has been on the market since 2013. Klum recently sold her Los Angeles mansion for $24 million. The news was reported by several media outlets, including the New York Post. The rocker's 7,452-square-foot Soho duplex is located at the New Museum Building, at 158 Mercer St. The structure towers over lower Manhattan and has panoramic views of the city. Bon Jovi bought the condo for $24 million in 2007. He listed it for $42 million in March 2013 and he subsequently dropped the asking price twice — first to $39 million and then $37.5 million in April 2014. The property sold in early 2015 for $34,000,000. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most exceptional Duplex Penthouse Downtown: Nothing compares to this extraordinary condominium penthouse that hovers over all of Soho with breathtaking, panoramic, protected views, located in the full service New Museum Building on Soho's most desirable cobbled block. The elevator door opens into a gracious vestibule that leads to a grandly scaled Great Room with a wood-burning fireplace, a dining area and a chef's kitchen with 11 foot tall ceilings. The west-facing, sumptuous Master Bedroom suite with its rare arched windows features an elegant bathroom and sensational walk in closet and dressing room. Another bedroom suite faces South and West and a laundry room and powder room are located close by. An additional bedroom suite makes for the perfect Nanny's quarters. At the opposite end of this floor are two additional large bedroom suites, both with superb southern light and views. A gracious stairway leads you to the upper level that offers a more formal living and dining experience with direct access onto three immaculately landscaped terraces: their scale and exposures have no equal. This glass encased floor celebrates the unrivaled views and light that engulf this magical property. Another wood burning fireplace and second kitchen allow for elegant entertaining. On this level which is also accessible via the elevator is a magnificent private, fully DCI compliant screening room with a projection room, an additional bedroom, a full bathroom and a powder room. The entire apartment was recently gut renovated to the very highest standards with every imaginable convenience and luxury built in. This A-grade building boasts strong financials and is unique to SOHO in that it is not subject to the A. I. R laws. This penthouse represents an entirely unique quality of life with the scale, views and light that are impossible to replicate, making this home of a collector quality of the very highest order. This is a co-exclusive with Raphael Deniro of Douglas Elliman. Sat, 18 Jul 2015 15:44:54 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : large two family house with 10 garages for income or residence Approx 3500 sq ft house with a total of 6 Bedrooms, 2 bath This property has been owned by me for over 30 years and has many upgrades: vinyl siding ceiling insulation Wrapped dual pane vinyl windows High efficiency gas fired furnace 30 year roof Sat, 18 Jul 2015 11:11:08 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : Gorgeous Colonial in Stafford This Colonial Home is Gorgeous with exquisite details throughout. In a Private setting on 19 Acres. Featuring 2 Story Foyer w/dual staircase, 9 ft. ceilings, Gourmet Kitchen, Granite Tops, Gas Ckg, S/S Appl., formal Dinning Rm., enormous family rm, 3 stone gas fplcs., Mstr suite w/sitting area, Lrg bath w/sep. shower and whirlpool, 5 bdrms, 5.5 bths, 3 car house.Detached 6 car & 12 car garages Listing courtesy of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realty Wed, 15 Jul 2015 15:27:05 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : River frontage along the peaceful Potomac River frontage along the peaceful Potomac, very private 33.68 acres, one Bedroom on main level, Upgraded designer kitchen, Granite counter tops, wine cellar off kitchen, sun room with views of the river, quiet sitting area upstairs each bedroom has its own wing, 8 car garage, boat storage, recreation room above garage, gorgeous wood and brick accents throughout, personal pier & dry dock. Listing courtesy of Coldwell Banker Elite Wed, 15 Jul 2015 15:10:59 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : Waterfront Estate on SIX ACRES! WATERFRONT ESTATE ON 6 ACRES! Built by owner. All-brick exterior & incredible woodwork. Waterviews from nearly all rooms! Amazing nautical theme fam rm w/2-story ceiling, bar, gas fp & tons of windows; gourmet kit; relaxing mstr BR suite; 4th BR w/private stairs & liv space; 2-car attach gar, det gars for 12+ cars, dock w/4 lifts, cabana w/wet bar! Near commuter rail, I-95, hospital. Listing courtesy of Aquia Realty, Inc. Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:54:35 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : NW Georgia Custom Built Home on 3 Acres, 2 Creeks This 2004 custom built 3,700 sf home features all the amenities for living in a peaceful quiet country setting in NW Georgia and is located in Waleska. The property consists of 3.08 acres and is bordered by two creeks, is wooded with mature poplar tree's and a pasture. The home was built with no expense spared in construction and material. House Exterior Vinyl siding, no exposed wood Gutters with Gutter Guards Rear Deck is composite with vinyl railing Standing seam roof, guaranteed for life Natural spring fed pond and waterfall Stamped concrete sidewalk and front porch 400 amp electrical with auxiliary power connection 1,000 gallon septic tank – pumped 2014 1,000 gallon propane tank – underground Direct TV & Windstream DSL All gutter discharge piped to creek 6 car garage, 3 up and 3 down House Interior Main floor – 4 BR, 2 ½ bath, 2,200 sq ft Bonus room – BR or Office, 400 sq ft Lower floor – 3 BR, 1 bath 1,300 sq ft - in-law or guest apartment Total square footage – 3,700 Custom wood plantation shade shutters, all front windows Hardwood, carpet and tiles floors Jennair stainless appliances Double hung windows & vinyl trim in Sun Porch Crown molding Gas insert fireplace with remote Pellet stove on Sun Porch All marble bath counter tops and custom marble master shower Hunter Douglas ceiling fans, all rooms Sun Room finished in bead board and tile Whole house exhaust attic fan Culligan water softener – 2014 Security Alarm – owned Out Building Screen house with electric – Approx 12 X 18 Ceiling fan RV, Car, Equipment or Toys Garage 30 X 50 wood construction, insulated with metal sides and roof Electric doors 12 X 14 Gutters with screens 100 amp electrical service with 30 & 50 amp RV hookups Water and phone Air compressor with lines 6” concrete floor Full length work bench and overhead storage High bay lights Available Purchase Items at Sale Kubota 3010 tractor with loader Finish mower Bush hog Scrape blade Bucket forks Hustler Super Z zero turn mower with 54” cut Standby generator for home auxiliary power Other Many pictures upon request Sat, 4 Jul 2015 10:39:35 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : NEW PRICE** Four bedroom colonial with 100'x50' Conestoga building on 12+ acres with distant views Renovated & thoroughly updated colonial on 22+ acres with distant views in Hunterdon County's horse country. 100'x50' Conestoga building w/heat,water & electric perfect for car collector or hobbyist. The home features updated center island kitchen, hardwood floors, wood burning fireplace, newer windows, updated bathrooms, spacious master bedroom w/large walk-in closet. New wall to wall carpeting 2nd floor. Large unfinished basement w/access to garage. Other updates include newer 2 zone AC units, newer roof, siding,cultured stone front, covered rocking chair porch, paver walk way, updated garage doors. Backs to private golf club and bordered by preserved farm land with access to horse riding trails. Adjacent Block 25, lot 10.03 (10.38acres), open land also available. Currently farm assessed for tax break. Realtor: William Landesman Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Sun, 28 Jun 2015 15:25:15 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : Luxury Estate w/ large garage / shop building - 40 minutes to Baltimore or Washington DC Custom stone rancher centrally located between two major interstates, 40 minutes from Baltimore and Washington D.C., removed from overcrowded urban areas on (2 lots) 7 acres total w/ 5,000+ sqft shop/garage building . quality craftsmanship through out, built by builder/owner. Stone rancher includes 4 BR 6.5 baths w/ 5 car garage . Shop building includes 4 garage bays for 15+ cars, office area w/ full bath / garage area has 1/2 bath & oil radiant heat in the floor also has storage loft. Residence includes a gourmet kitchen / wine kitchen , open great room w/ stone fireplace, finished LL w/ indoor pool, rec rm w/ wet bar full bath, MBR w/ luxury bath + 3 BRs all w/ private FBA. Screened porch w/ gas bar-bque, stocked pond private setting. The ideal commuter location minutes from I-70 to Baltimore or I-270 to Washington DC. Call for more details shown by appointment only (301)748-3696 Buzz Mackintosh / Mackintosh REALTORS Sat, 20 Jun 2015 06:44:58 EST Tennis Court Homes : Elegant home with professional sunken tennis court Casual elegance, simplicity of design…………..welcome to Shafter Way, Carmel’s most prestigious area of Estate Properties………this 4800 sq ft gated residence offers a lifestyle of casual elegance and quiet luxury surrounded by a private acre of mature landscaping in a park-like setting. Extensively remodeled in 2008 and 2009 by highly respected Bay Area interior designer Maria Tenaglia, the estate showcases impeccable architectural detail and understated design. The resort atmosphere is enhanced by a professional sunken tennis court with a pergola covered viewing area and a 8 car garage for your exotic car collection. The current owner has produced several class winning classic automobiles at the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance and the design elements and quality in the home reflect this same attention to detail and passion for perfection. Interiors include hickory hardwood flooring, custom doors and windows by Loewen Windows of Manitoba Canada, master bath and guest bathrooms with glass and ceramic tiles from the Walker Zanger Collection and Rocky Mountain hardware.. all elements working seamlessly to reflect a quiet, peaceful and understated elegance. A gourmet chef’s kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind. Two stacked Wolf convection ovens provide ample cooking capacity. A six burner Wolf gas stove top and grill are complimented by a Dacor microwave oven and Thermador warming tray. The kitchen’s large Carrera marble island contains a deep farmhouse sink and dual Miele dishwashers enable a quick clean up after gatherings of any size. The park like setting include stunning cypress trees, Japanese maples, and over 15 varieties of mature rose plants. The estate on Shafter Way, sophisticated and peaceful, elegance in a quiet understated way. Please visit Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:55:50 EST Big Garage Car Collector Homes for sale : QUIET LUXURY Casual elegance, simplicity of design…………..welcome to Shafter Way, Carmel’s most prestigious area of Estate Properties………this 4800 sq ft gated residence offers a lifestyle of casual elegance and quiet luxury surrounded by a private acre of mature landscaping in a park-like setting. Extensively remodeled in 2008 and 2009 by highly respected Bay Area interior designer Maria Tenaglia, the estate showcases impeccable architectural detail and understated design. The resort atmosphere is enhanced by a professional sunken tennis court with a pergola covered viewing area and a 8 car garage for your exotic car collection. The current owner has produced several class winning classic automobiles at the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance and the design elements and quality in the home reflect this same attention to detail and passion for perfection. Interiors include hickory hardwood flooring, custom doors and windows by Loewen Windows of Manitoba Canada, master bath and guest bathrooms with glass and ceramic tiles from the Walker Zanger Collection and Rocky Mountain hardware.. all elements working seamlessly to reflect a quiet, peaceful and understated elegance. A gourmet chef’s kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind. Two stacked Wolf convection ovens provide ample cooking capacity. A six burner Wolf gas stove top and grill are complimented by a Dacor microwave oven and Thermador warming tray. The kitchen’s large Carrera marble island contains a deep farmhouse sink and dual Miele dishwashers enable a quick clean up after gatherings of any size. The park like setting include stunning cypress trees, Japanese maples, and over 15 varieties of mature rose plants. The estate on Shafter Way, sophisticated and peaceful, elegance in a quiet understated way. Tue, 16 Jun 2015 16:54:26 EST Classic Cars for sale at Auction : 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster with 8 Kilometers from New Lot 340Ω N 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster Chassis no. WDB297397Y000008 £1.4 million - 1.8 million US$ 2.2 million - 2.8 million Auction 22723: The Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale Collector's Motor Cars and Automobilia 26 Jun 2015 14:00 BST Chichester, Goodwood ---------------------------------- *One of only six CLK GTR Roadsters made *The only black-finished example *Owned until 2014 by Mercedes-Benz *8 kilometres from new Footnotes A legend in its own - relatively short - lifetime, the car offered here is the first example built of the fabulous Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster, an even more exclusive, limited edition, open-topped variant of the already super-exclusive CLK GTR Coupé with which Mercedes-Benz had re-entered international sports car racing in 1997. At the time of its introduction the CLK GTR Roadster was the world's most expensive 'production' car with a price tag of $1.5 million, a figure exceeded only recently by the Ferrari FXX. Mercedes-Benz's decision to switch from touring to sports cars had been taken at the end of the 1996 season, leaving precious little time to develop a challenger for the FIA's new GT Championship. The latter's regulations stipulated that 'GT1' category cars had to be production based, and although the racer used the same 'CLK' designation as the existing road car, it was in fact all new. Development was entrusted to Mercedes-Benz's official performance division, AMG. Amazingly, just 128 days after design work had commenced in December 1996, the first Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR took to the track at Jarama in April 1997 for its initial test. Like Porsche's 911 GT1, the CLK GTR bore a passing resemblance to its road going namesake - the front-engined CLK saloon - but was mid-engined and powered by an SL600-based 6.9-litre V12 producing 600bhp. Mated to a transverse six-speed sequential gearbox, the engine formed a stressed member of the chassis, supporting the rear suspension. The monocoque tub itself was constructed of a mixture of carbon fibre and Kevlar. Unsurprisingly, M-B failed to get the road version homologated in time, but were allowed to race anyway, a dispensation that angered its rivals. The CLK GTR first won at the Nurburgring in June 1997, going on to win five more of the 11 rounds to take the GT Championship in its debut year. With a new CLK LM (Le Mans) waiting in the wings, the CLK GTR raced just twice in 1998, winning the GT Championship's first two rounds at Oschersleben and Silverstone, before being retired from active duty after little more than a season's racing, but with an impeccable record. During 1998 and 1999, Mercedes-Benz duly completed 25 road going CLK GTRs. These closely resembled the racing version but developed 'only' 550bhp and dispensed with the racer's separate rear wing in favour of a body-integral design. They were also better equipped and kitted out with more creature comforts than the Spartan racer. With a headline-grabbing price tag of over $1,000,000, the CLK GTR's exclusivity was surpassed only by its stupendous performance. In 1999, Daimler Chrysler acquired its long-time collaborator AMG, renaming it 'Mercedes AMG GmbH'. At the same time, AMG co-founder Hans-Werner Aufrecht set up HWA GmbH in AMG's hometown of Affalterbach, Germany to continue the company's racing activities. HWA's first car was the ill-fated Mercedes-Benz CLR sports prototype, and since M-B's withdrawal from international sports car racing the firm has built and runs cars in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) series. It was HWA that conceived the idea of using six spare CLK GTR Coupé chassis to create the ultimate roadster by the simple expedient of removing the roof and installing two roll-over bars and additional strengthening. The Roadster improved on the Coupé's specification in other ways too, boasting an engine up-rated to 640bhp (40 horsepower more than the racer) and a Formula 1-style, sequential six-speed transmission controlled by paddles on the steering wheel. One of only six CLK GTR Roadsters ever made, this car was owned by Mercedes-Benz and kept in Stuttgart until it was sold to the current owner in 2014. Prior to delivery the car was fully serviced by the factory (new fluids, belts, seals, gaskets, etc) and given eight new wheels and tyres. Presented in effectively new condition, having covered only 8 kilometres, it is the only one of the six roadsters to be finished in black. Accompanying documentation consists of German registration papers. An almost certainly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the rarest Mercedes-Benz models of modern times. Should the vehicle remain in the EU, local import taxes of 20% will be applied to the hammer price. Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:09:25 EST Classic Cars for sale at Auction : FORMER ROLLING STONE BILL WYMAN TO SELL PRIZED MOTOR CARS AT BONHAMS FESTIVAL OF SPEED SALE A 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250 S and a 1971 Citroën Maserati SM owned by founding member and former Rolling Stones bassist, Bill Wyman, are offered at Bonhams Festival of Speed Sale on 26 June. Wyman used both cars for trips to international recording studios during the making of hit Rolling Stones albums Beggars Banquet, Exile on Main Street, Let it Bleed and Tattoo You. The Mercedes-Benz 250 S was the first Mercedes-Benz to have blacked out windows. Bonhams Festival of Speed Sale will feature two motor cars owned by former Rolling Stones bassist, Bill Wyman. Wyman drove the 1971 Citroën Maserati SM (£35,000-40,000) and 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250 S (£20,000-25,000) to studios during the recording of several famous Rolling Stones albums, including the 1968 album Beggars Banquet, featuring the iconic track Sympathy for the Devil; the 1969 album Let it Bleed, featuring Gimme Shelter and You Can't Always Get What You Want; the 1972 album Exile on Main St, featuring Rocks off, and the 1981 album Tattoo You, featuring Start Me Up. Wyman said: "I had the very first Mercedes that featured blacked-out windows. Everyone was getting black windows – Mick Jagger and Brian Jones did in their Minis. Mercedes had never done black windows though, so I had to contribute to the research on how to make them. It cost me about £350. Then of course, I got stopped all the time. The police usually just wanted to see who was in it." However, in 1997 the vehicle was subject to restoration, meaning the original tinted windows are no longer in place. "From 1966 to 1969 I used the car to travel around London and to Olympic Studios where we were recording Beggars Banquet and Let it Bleed. When we weren't in the studio or touring I drove it round England with my camera, taking photos. "From 1971 to 1982, I was living in the South of France and I frequently drove the Maserati from my new home in Vence to Paris, where we recorded the albums Some Girls, Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You. "The minute I saw the Maserati, I thought, this is it! It looked so beautiful. They showed me that incredible engine and the double headlights, and I thought, incredible! I fell in love with it. "I'd drive it to Keith Richards' place, miles away in Cap Ferrat, to record Exile on Main Street album, and I'd drive to Paris and back, an eight-hour journey each way. "It was so easy to drive," Wyman said of the Maserati, "I became great friends with Marc Chagall, Cesar, and James Baldwin over the years, and I'd drive over to their homes on the Côte d'Azur. I'd also drive to Monte Carlo to hang out with Ringo and Spiros and Philip Niarchos of the Greek shipping family. "I drove it to Spain too. And to Marseilles, Portofino in Italy, and back to England a few times. Oh, and of course to Switzerland. I went there twice to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival. The first time was with Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and Pinetop Perkins. Then three years later I again drove there to play with Muddy Waters again." "I am sorry to say goodbye to these two cars, but having enjoyed them so much over the years and having kept them both in pristine condition, I feel they should now go to people who will love and take care of them as much as I have." Bonhams Festival of Speed Sale takes place on 26 June in Goodwood, Chichester. For more information visit Tue, 16 Jun 2015 13:28:48 EST Classic Cars for sale at Auction : 2004 Ferrari Enzo Berlinetta selling with No Reserve Lot 366 c.2004 Ferrari Enzo Berlinetta Coachwork by Pininfarina Registration no. LEO3 VSA Chassis no. ZFFCW56AX301 132648 Engine no. Tipo F140B 75017 £600,000 - 800,000 US$ 940,000 - 1.2 million - To be sold without reserve Auction 22723: The Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale Collector's Motor Cars and Automobilia 26 Jun 2015 14:00 BST Chichester, Goodwood ---------------------------------------------------------- *Recovered by the National Crime Agency and sold under the Proceeds of Crime Act, with the proceeds of sale going towards the public purse *Delivered new to the USA, UK registered since 2008 *Left-hand drive *Only 1,285 miles recorded Left-hand drive chassis number '132648' was manufactured in Italy and delivered new to the USA 2004/5, but by June 2008 had returned to the EEC to be sold by Auto Salon of Singen with 130 mileage on the speedometer declared and, importantly, official 'Ferrari EEC Certificate of Conformity (for complete vehicles)'. The German Ferrari dealer invoiced an importing UK dealer, who paid nearly 600 euros (including 19% M.W.S.T.) for Enzo number 132648 27th June and applied for first UK registration 9th July of that year. The DVLA at Theale approval-stamped the Ferrari EEC Certificate of Conformity 11th July and assigned the UK registration 'RX08 H2L' 21st July, the last UK road tax issued by them for the car expiring 31st December 2008. Whereas the most recent 4th September 2011 dated V5C Registration Document records latest registration for the car being 'LEO3 VSA' and current registered keeper the NCA Trustee. The 'manufactured in 2003' and car being 'rebuilt-assembled from parts some or all of which were not new' notes in this latest V5C would certainly seem to have been incorrectly declared by a previous owner however and would benefit from being amended for a new registered keeper by the DVLA, who will need to be satisfied by the receipt of written confirmation by Ferrari of the slightly later date of manufacture and that original components are fitted to the vehicle. After six years preservation in storage, Enzo 132648 appears to be in very good overall and apparently largely original condition that would be commensurate with the total of only 1,285 miles currently displayed on the odometer. Serviced in February 2015 and MoT tested by official Ferrari agents Lancaster Colchester, the car comes with the MoT certificate, invoice and list of suggested further works required. Apart from the foregoing, there are no documents with this UK registered and therefore local import taxes paid supercar, which is sold strictly as viewed. --------------------------------- For details of the sale go to Bonhams website: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12:49:40 EST Car Shows, Events and Vehicles for Sale at Auctions : Article: 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition Reaches $540,000 and does not sell at 2015 Mecum Seattle Auction Classic Car Bidding and Hammer Prices Exceed Current Valuation Estimates at the 2015 Mecum Seattle Auction ------------------------------------------------ June 14, 2015 Robert "BC" Cross Editor-at-Large, ------------------------------------------------ This classic car enthusiasts, journalist and buyer / seller was prepared to find some bargains in Seattle this past June 5th and 6th in beautiful Seattle. Unfortunately, for buyers, there weren't many bargains (if any) to be had. Early on in the bidding on day one it became very apparent that we had a seller's market at this event. So much so that at least one car that appeared to be a world record price didn't meet it's reserve. I'm referring to a 2006 Ford GT Heritage edition with 2,915 miles on it. If you've been following the price trends on these cars over the past 1.5 years, then you already know that they've been on a rocket ship ride up the valuation charts. It's obvious that the owner and consignor of this Ford GT Heritage Edition knows something that the auctioneers and the bidders didn't know. Because, to not pull the trigger and sell that car at that price was either incredibly brave or painfully ill advised. Only the future will uncover the answer to that question, but I can say that a serious seller would've sold at that record bid; I know I would have. This car was not the lone vehicle to get bids that really out distanced the valuations we could find with such respected classic car valuation tools as Hagerty and NADA. Actually, there were so many cars that meet this criteria that pointing them all out would take a multi page article to cover them all. The bigger question is: Was this high priced sales event a Seattle / Pacific Northwest phenomenon, or is it proof that buying and enjoying your favorite classic cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, etc. is a very safe investment in this day and age? I'll leave the answer to that question up to you; what do you think? Post your answer in the comments section for this post and let's see what you have to say. --------------------------------------- If you want to see the details on the 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition featured in this article, please checkout the link below in this post. 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