Residential Real Estate Niches (not car properties)

  • Ranch, Farm and Horse Property

    (for sale or rent) Farms and Ranches of all types including properties that are for horses.
  • Lakefront Houses, Condos and Apartments

    (for sale or rent) Places to live that have lakefront access or are close in proximity.
  • Golf Course Homes and Estates

    (for sale or rent) Houses or Condominiums with golf course frontage or close proximity.
  • Ski Resort Living (Houses, Condos, Apartments)

    (for sale or rent) Houses, Condos or Fractional Ownership of real estate on or near a ski resort or slope.
  • Strong Employment Areas - Available Housing

    (for sale or rent) These are residential houses, condos or apartments that are located in communities with strong employment or signs of growing employment.
  • Beachfront Houses, Condos and Apartments

    (for Sale or Rent) Real estate that is close to beaches or on waterways that feed into ocean waters.
  • Riverfront Houses, Condos and Apartments

    (for sale or rent) Houses and condominiums that have river frontage or are close to a river.
  • Tennis Court Houses

    (for sale or rent) Houses that have a tennis court on the property.
  • Luxury Rentals

    This category is for real estate that is renting for an amount that can be considered expensive as compared to average rents.
  • Land - Residential

    (for sale or rent) Land that is primarily zoned for residential use.
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