Arnold Schwarzenegger Mercedes-Benz Merex Unimog

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mercedes-Benz Merex Unimog


This is a wheelie big truck, even for the ‘Governator.”

Cigar chomping action hero and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has ditched the hummer, for the mother.

He was one of the first to drive the military style humvee and now he’s got his hands on this German bad boy. The Mercedes-Benz Merex “UNIMOG”, the vehicle of choice for the German army, has been modified to the streets of Los Angeles where big Arnie can easily squash anything in his path.

The truck has been modified to fit the roads of LA and has been customised by a German company called Mertec. Arnie also shook hands with some other waiting fans before driving home.

If you want one all you have to do it bust out $250,000 and let the crushing commence. We don’t think the girl hanging on the bull bars comes with it but it’s a welcome addition while parked.

You’re doing the Arnie voice in your head right now aren’t you? Seriously, look at that thing, it’s so awesome.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has purchased a $250,000 monster truck

The former governor of California has been seen driving the huge vehicle - a Mercedes Benz Unimog in silver - around Santa Monica yesterday.

It has been specially adapted for street use by German company Mertec, as its normal use is for armies around the world.

According to Mercedes the vehicle is capable of "the most extreme, arduous tasks, including: fighting forest fires, performing rescue operations during catastrophes or maintaining power supply lines".

However, the most the Expendables 2 actor had to deal with was an overzealous female fan who jumped on to the bars on the front of the vehicle while it was stationary.

Purchasing the pricey vehicle will not help Arnold stay in shape, as he recently professed being 65 has made it harder to keep muscular.

The former Mr. Olympia body-building champion said: "It is tougher as you get older. Your metabolism slows down. Your muscles don't respond in exactly the same way anymore. When you do action scenes and fight scenes and run around you take longer to recuperate, but so what? It doesn't matter. It's not like we don't get paid for it."

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Model: Unimog
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Price $250,000 USD
Year: 2013
New or Used: New
Type: Truck
Which Celebrity? Arnold Schwarzenegger
Celebrity Owned: Yes
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black

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Type & Features: Diesel Engine, Custom Exhaust System, ABS Brakes (Anti Lock System), Roll Over Bars / Roll Cage, Air Bags, Optional Fuel Tank, Towing Mirrors, Toolbox, 4x4, Custom or Aftermarket Wheels, Pickup Shell, Towing Package, Winch, Grill Guard, Custom Bumper, Running Boards, Sliding Rear Window, Roof Rack, All Power Interior, All Wheel Drive, Diesel, Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission (Stick Shift), 12 Cylinder Engine, Driving Lights or Fog Lamps, A/C
Location United States
Name of Auction Veyron Super Sport
City Santa Monica
State CA
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Country USA

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