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We are an Excellent Advertising & Marketing Opportunity

On this page you should be able to find all of the relevant information that you require in the subjects of: visitor reach and retention, traffic, and cost of using our site for advertising purposes.

Advertising Price Lists

(Last updated: 04/23/2020)

Please see the (2) different price lists* below that cover these types of ad's:

Category ADs

Where you place individual real estate or personal property for sale or for rent.

Banner Style ADs

Where you place highly visible branding, products, services, real estate, or any other type of product or service that you want to run on the home page and all of the pages on the site. These ad's are very visible to everyone who visits or uses the site.

Target Demographics

Traffic and Vistor Statistics on

Our site traffic is growing every month and millions of people are using the site. A well known 3rd party internet traffic tracking company provides a great insight into how our business and site is doing with regards to web traffic and visitor habits when they use the site.

According to a 3rd party traffic monitoring site, ranks in the top 1.25% of all sites on the internet in world wide traffic and the percentage is even better for traffic from the United States of America. Over 36,700 pages on our site are indexed by Google and that means that ADs placed on our site show up high in Google search results; and they also show that we have over 600 other websites linking to us. We invite you to link to us, but we don't have a free link exchange program because we sell advertising and that includes links.

How do we stack up against our competitors?
As of very recently, according to 3rd party traffic monitoring site, is beating all of its' main competitors in all of these key metrics:

- Unique page views per visitor per day

- Time spent in a typical visit in minutes

- Time spent on each page view

- Low Bounce rate (people leaving the site on the first page they go to) means people are digging into many pages (i.e. Ads on the site).

Another thing to keep in mind is that our AD rates are a better deal and cost less than our competitors! This is on top of the fact that our key metrics also beat them.


Unique Pages per Visitor per Day Time Spent in a Typical Visit in Minutes Time spent on each page view Bounce Rate (when a user only visits one page and then exits the site) 19.00 27:05 1 min 43 seconds 9.60% 4.43 5:06 1 min 14 seconds 45.40% 1.50 2.21 1 min 47 seconds 74.60% 1.80 2.11 1min 17 seconds 72.60% 3.59 4.17 1 min 16 seconds 55.30% 2.59 3.21 1 min 24 seconds 50.70%

Media Press Coverage Report
This page shows some of the press coverage that we have received since our launch.

Instructions and links for placing your ADs (please print this page if you need to)

Place your Category AD

  • You don't have to be registered to place your first ad and the only required fields are the fields that have the asterisk* next to them.
  • Prices are not the same for each category, but many of them are. For details review the--Category AD price list
  • Anyone can place a Category AD
  • Single item ad placements and prices are available.
  • We also offer Unlimited AD Plan Price Packages for Businesses (agents/brokers; dealers; vendors).

  • Login,Register; Because you must be logged into your Control Panel to place Banner Style Ads.
  • Put your mouse over the tab titled--Banner ADs
  • Click on--New AD
  • Select the Size, Type, locaton and the number of days you want the banner to run
  • Input the link you want the banner to connect to
  • Select the banner image or paste the code you want the banner to be run from (this step depends on whether you are buying an Image Banner or a Code based banner.
  • Click through the Payment Process. After you're done making the payment your banner style ad will go live immediately.
  • If you want one of our customer service reps to place the banner ad for you, then please make sure you're registered on the site. Then call 1-307-459-1895 and send us an email to

Thank You,

Customer Service

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