How much does it cost to run a Category AD on

Answer: (hint) if you're putting an ad in one of the categories the prices for that can be found under Category AD Prices on the 
price list page

Here's the link to our different types of advertising: AD Price List page

How do I edit a category AD that I've already placed?
Answer: First you must log into your Control Panel
>> then, put your mouse on the tab titled: Category ADs
>> Click on the link Edit ADs
>> You'll see a list of your ADs whether they are current or expired. To the right of each AD link, you'll see the Edit Box
>> Put your mouse over the Edit Box, then click on the link for the part of the AD you want to Edit.
>> Edit AD to change the text; Picutre Upload to change or upload pictures; Sold to mark the item sold; Video Upload to change or upload a digital movie file of up to 1GB; and so on.

How do I place an AD in's e-Newsletter titled "the Incredible Garage"?

Answer: Click here for the Step-by-Step instructions

What is the best category for me to advertise in?
1. The category that most closely resembles what you are selling or renting.
2. Some places or items your selling could fit into more than one category. For added exposure or for the ability to place an unlimited number of ADs in any category, you can select to purchase one of our Unlimited AD Plans that are one year subscriptions. Unlimited AD plans are either Featured or Premium level ad plans. Featured provides a higher level of exposure.

I'm a real estate agent who really wants to put to work for me because I'm serious about the Car Property niche. How can I do that?
1. Sign up for one of our Unlimited AD Plans (either the Premium level or Featured level).

2. Then you'll be able to upload an Unlimited number of ADs in any category for a whole year.

3. As a BONUS, you'll be able to sign up for 30 Exclusive Territories in our Agent Marketing Network for no additional cost .. this is a value of up to $1,100.

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