As of 08/07/2009 we are no longer accepting ADs for Raffles and the Raffle Category was discontinued. Please check into our site regularly for any other changes that might affect this decision.

Raffles by Non-Profit Organizations to Rasie Funds for their Charities

  1. These raffles are being run by organizations that are independent of and the Car Property Group, LLC, therefore we do not control any of the activities or rules of any of these raffles.
  2. Raffle tickets being sold are to benefit the charities listed above by the raffle promoters.
  3. You must buy the raffle tickets directly from the raffle organizers.
  4. is not selling any raffle tickets directly for the raffles advertised on our site.
  5. Deadline to enter is set by raffle promoters.
  6. Pictures may be samples of and not the exact prize that you can win.
  7. Winners are responsible for all taxes, licenses and vehicle delivery and all laws in their state or country that apply.
  8. For all rules contact each raffle promoter individually.

Support all of our Raffle Advertisers and Win a Great Prize in the process!

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