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Number of items:61
Number of items sold:36
Number of ad hits:335629
Average votes given to this Member by other members votes::8.92
Average votes on AD's that this Member has placed::9.64
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Member (Advertiser): RARE REALTY (8.92 / # 119) Grade
State or Province:CA
City:Beverly Hills
Raffle Player:Yes
Real Estate Agents & Brokers:Yes
Racing Fan:Yes
Car Property Owner:Yes
Car Collector and Enthusiast:Yes
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Buyer or Renter of Car Property:Yes
Members Description:"the Rolls Royce of Representation" Rare Realty was founded with the desire to provide the ultimate 5-Star service to all of their clients. Please contact us so we may show you how we do it. Serving Northern and Southern California, with a focus in high end real estate transactions, both residential and commercial in nature.
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Company Information
Company Name:Rare Realty
Zip Code:90210
City:Beverly Hills
Address:468 N Camden Dr.
Title:Principal Broker

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Code Location Category Exclusive in this Area
93064 US/California/Brandeis Residential NO
93011 US/California/Camarillo Residential NO
93016 US/California/Fillmore Residential NO
91205 US/California/Glendale Residential NO
90263 US/California/Malibu Residential NO
90264 US/California/Malibu Residential NO
90265 US/California/Malibu Residential NO
93021 US/California/Moorpark Residential NO
91320 US/California/Newbury Park Residential NO
93030 US/California/Oxnard Residential NO
93042 US/California/Point Mugu Nawc Residential NO
93062 US/California/Simi Valley Residential NO
93094 US/California/Simi Valley Residential NO
93099 US/California/Simi Valley Residential NO
93066 US/California/Somis Residential NO
93003 US/California/Ventura Residential NO

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