• Houses with Big Garages for Sale

    Houses with BIG garages that are for SALE, including: 2 or more in an Urban City; 4 or more in Suburban or Rural areas; and Houses with RV parking (inside or outside).
  • Commercial CarProperty Real Estate

    Commercial real estate investment opportunities that allow an automotive use (by zoning or owners), such as auto dealerships, gas stations, auto repair shops.
  • Vehicle Storage Units; Car Condos

    Facilities like: car condos; indoor vehicle storage; airplane hangars; and other commercial locations focused on vehicle storage that is outside or inside (for rent or sale).
  • Vacation Rentals Near Car Shows & Racing Events

    You should target your vacation properties to vacationing car collectors & racing fans. Car events and races in your area increase demand ... advertise here. This applies to private owner rentals and hotels.
  • Appraisers of Car Property Real Estate

    Are you an Appraiser? Advertise here to provide valuation appraisals on properties with large garages or shops.
  • Garage Showcase

    Do you want to simply display your awesome garage on CarProperty.com? You can do it in this category if your property is not for sale or rent.
  • Beach Houses or Condos for Sale or Rent

    Real estate properties that are close to beaches or on waterways that feed into ocean waters.
  • Riverfront Houses for Sale or Rent

    Houses and condominiums that have river frontage or are close to a river.
  • Tennis Court Houses for Sale or Rent

    Houses that have a tennis court on the property.
  • Luxury Rentals

    This category is for real estate that is renting for an amount that can be considered expensive as compared to average rents.
  • Celebrity Homes and Real Estate

    Houses or real estate owned by celebrities now or in the past.
  • Businesses for Sale (non auto types) - Cash Flow

    Cash flow business opportunties in all types of businesses, except automotive related.
  • Multi-family for Sale

    Multiple units and homes, Duplex, Triplex, etc. that are for sale.
  • Apartment Buildings for Sale

    Apartment building investments that are for sale with 5 or more Units. 4 Units or under are considered Multi-Family category.
  • Foreclosed Commercial Real Estate

    For Sale: Properties that have been foreclosed on and that are for sale.
  • Commercial Real Estate¬†Auctions

    All types of commercial real estate auction properties. REO, Judicial, Retail Non-REO and Non-Judicial
  • Self-Storage Units for Rent

    Individual units for rent at storage facilities.
  • Gear Head Goods and Products

    In this category you can promote or find goods that appeal to gear heads of all stripes
  • Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale (not classics)

    Post yours for sale. New and used cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, Trailers, Big Rigs and Boats that are not collectibles.
  • Rented or Sold due to Ad's run on CarProperty.com

    This is any AD that was marked as Sold or Rented by the Ads owner, CP.com research, or data matching with 3rd party databases.
  • Houses with Big Garages for Rent

    Houses with BIG garages that are for RENT, including: 2 or more in an Urban City; 4 or more in Suburban or Rural areas; and Houses with RV parking (inside or outside).
  • Race Tracks & Motor Sports Real Estate

    Tracks for sale; lots for development and structures built on race tracks such as houses, condos, garages, etc. that can be purchased or rented. Racing Real Estate.
  • Airplanes and Helicopters and Aviation Real Estate for Sale or Rent

    Find airplanes, helicopters and other flying machines for sale or rent; or Find Real Estate for parking them for sale or rent in this category.
  • Residential Garage or Parking Space for Rent or Sale

    This is for garage or parking space being rented or sold SEPARATELY from your house. This category is NOT for selling your entire house. It's just for parking or garage space you're renting or selling.
  • Automotive Businesses For Sale - Cash Flow

    All different types of businesses and shops that are cash flow businesses (with or without real estate)
  • Ranch, Farm and Horse Property for Sale or Rent

    Farms and Ranches of all types including properties that are for horses.
  • Lakefront Houses for Sale or Rent

    Houses or condominiums that are close to a lake or lakefront.
  • Golf Course Homes & Estates

    Houses or Condominiums with golf course frontage that are for Sale or Rent.
  • Ski Resort Houses or Condos for Sale or Rent

    Houses, Condos or Fractional Ownership of real estate on or near a ski resort or slope.
  • Real Estate in Strong Employment Areas for Sale or Rent

    These are residential houses, condos or apartments that are located in communities with strong employment or signs of growing employment.
  • Land for Sale or Rent - Residential Property

    Land that is for sale or rent and primarily zoned for residential use.
  • Land for Sale or Rent - Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural

    Land that is for sale or rent that primarily has a Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural use.
  • Mobile Home Parks for Sale

    This is the real estate as an investment or the cash flow business or both.
  • Hotel and Motel Real Estate for Sale

    The real estate as an investment or the cash flow business itself or both.
  • Office Buildings - Commercial Real Estate

    Office buildings for sale or lease.
  • Restaurant Buildings for Sale

    This is the real estate as an investment or the cash flow business or both
  • Real Estate Wants & Requests

    Do you want to rent or buy a garage for your cars, vehicles, toys or profession? If yes, request it by posting it here!
  • Classic Collector Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks for Sale

    Post yours for sale. Find classics, exotics, race cars, boats, motorcycles, rv's, trailers, and big rigs. Individual vehicle AD's; or Unlimited Dealer AD Plans are available.
  • Car Parts and Accessories

    Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Airplane, Boat, RV, Trailer, Big Rigs,